Phallon and Kyra are teen activists, athletes, and artists who write, act, and dance at a professional level. They are trained in theater along with multiple styles of dance including hip hop, acrobatics, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and ballet. The Pierce Twins are also collaborators, hosts, motivational speakers, discussion moderators, and teen influencers. For more information, media appearances, events and sponsorships, please contact: Shawn Zanotti at


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Collaboraction, an ethno-diverse social justice organization that uses theater and performance to incite social change in Chicago. The Light is dedicated to recruiting, mentoring, and introducing 6 exceptional Chicago youth artists, activists and change-makers of exceptional message, skill and craft to share their social justice message and talent with the world.

The Pierce twins teamed up with Chicago Public Schools and donated more than 800 books to over 26 schools across the city of Chicago. The girls gave both e-books to students, as majority of students are e-learning, and also gave collection of books to Booklist donations to two school libraries in need, Kipp One Academy […]

In this episode of the Defiant Ones Teen Podcast @defiantonesmag, we speak with world changing teen twin sisters The Pierce Twins who share their story of discovering systematic racism inside of their schools reading materials. The twins have since been working hard to fix this issue, taking action on a state level in which A […]

The twins, known as the Pierce Twins, recently discovered a book on their Catholic Summer School Assigned Reading List was a book previously Called “Ten Little N…….” The school, St. Dominic School, located in Chicago’s suburb of Bolingbrook, assigned the book “And Then There Were None, ” By Agatha Christie to its middle school 8th-grade […]

This week, Amy interviews Phallon and Kyra Pierce, two girls who experienced racism by their peers and school administration but took action to make a change. Read More & Listen Here

This episode of The Christie Taylor Show features The Pierce Twins discussing their journey to have a racist book removed from their summer reading list and they are now pushing for a change in Illinois law.

We teamed up with Chicago Public Schools, Department of Academic Competitions and Chicago Debate’s Middle School debate students for an amazing event. We were able to share our story and connect with 200 middle school students along with watching two middle schools debate our topic: “Fighting against racism and under-representation school’s reading curriculum.” The middle […]

We had the privilege to be keynote speakers at the Chicago Public School’s Department of Academic Competitions 2nd annual HER Empowerment Summit is GIRL TALK: Class in Session on December 4, 2020.  The purpose of this event is to empower young ladies in grades 11 and 12 to rise above gender and cultural norms as they continue their […]