Phallon and Kyra are teen activists, athletes, and artists who write, act, and dance at a professional level. They are trained in theater along with multiple styles of dance including hip hop, acrobatics, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and ballet. The Pierce Twins are also collaborators, hosts, motivational speakers, discussion moderators, and teen influencers. For more information, media appearances, events and sponsorships, please contact: Shawn Zanotti at


(310) 953-9826



Now in its third year, the theatre’s youth program offers young artists a chance to create art at the intersection of performance and social change.

We are super excited to announce that the Nfinityshoes All American yearbook is out and featured The Pierce Twins. An All American Cheerleader is a cheerleader who exemplifies strong athleticism and has excellent grades, community service, and great sportsmanship. We are so thankful to Nfinityshoes for the honor, the gear, and the experience!! Check out […]

Stay tuned as The Pierce Twins stop by for an in-depth conversation with True Star Magazine. The girls talked all things Pierce Twins— the good life of being a twin and all that the girls are currently up to.

The Pierce Twins have teamed up with IL state Representative La Shawn Ford to introduce House Bill 24-01, which would require school districts to include authors from all ethnicities and backgrounds in reading assignments for grades kindergarten through 12th. The girls addressed the media alongside Rep Ford and Illinois State Representative Dagmara Avelar as part […]

Collaboraction, an ethno-diverse social justice organization that uses theater and performance to incite social change in Chicago. The Light is dedicated to recruiting, mentoring, and introducing 6 exceptional Chicago youth artists, activists and change-makers of exceptional message, skill and craft to share their social justice message and talent with the world.

The Pierce twins teamed up with Chicago Public Schools and donated more than 800 books to over 26 schools across the city of Chicago. The girls gave both e-books to students, as majority of students are e-learning, and also gave collection of books to Booklist donations to two school libraries in need, Kipp One Academy […]