The Pierce Twins Legislation

Illinois State Representative La Shawn K. Ford introduced Bill HB3254 which will mandate that schools throughout the state of Illinois will include diverse authors of all backgrounds (i.e. the Black community, women, Native Americans, LatinX, etc.) into the curriculum for K-12. The Bill will be called The Pierce Twins Law.


Provides that a school district (including a charter school) shall require that books that are included as a part of any course, material, instruction, reading assignment, or other school curricula related to literature during the school year or that appear on summer reading lists must include books that are written by diverse authors, including, but not limited to, authors who are African American, women, Native American, LatinX, and Asian.

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Join The Legislative Committee 
We are grateful for your support in this initiative. The Pierce Twins Legislative committee meets weekly to discuss components of the Pierce Twins legislation and would love to have your support behind this important and much needed effort. As a member of the Pierce Twins Legislative Committee, you will discuss and play a role in important components to be included within this legislation. We are thrilled to be able to work with you as we work together to change the world by creating this new law.

We are looking forward to these Bills passing next session because it will start the process of chipping away at systemic racism in our country, starting with children’s education.  As we continue the work to end miseducation and systemic racism in our schools, requiring diverse reading materials that provide a sense of self value and worth to our children of all backgrounds are imperative. Building healthy race relations among all children is urgent. The Pierce Twins legislation assures Illinois schools must mandate diverse reading materials while removing derogatory reading assignments towards children of color and/or reading materials that use language that feeds into racism and hate. We believe this legislation will assist in helping with race relations among K-12 and build healthy self esteem in all  children.