Our Mission: Positive Change

We promote positivity, wellness, social equity and literacy for kids and teens.

We are the founders of Positive Change Charities, a 501(c)(3) organization,  and have provided more than  5000 books written by multicultural authors to kids in need and underfunded school libraries across Chicago and surrounding suburbs across the state of Illinois. We are planning to expand Nationwide in 2024.

We are currently working on legislation that promotes the inclusion of books written by diverse authors in literary curriculums across the state. Illinois State Representative La Shawn K. Ford introduced and passed house bill HB3254 in the House of Representatives last session. In this session, he has introduced house bill HB2401. These bills are designed to encourage schools throughout the state of Illinois to include diverse authors of all backgrounds in the curriculums for grades K-12. These Bills, (also known as The Pierce Twins bills) recommends that school districts (including charter and private schools) use books as a part of any courses, materials, instruction, reading assignments, and summer reading lists should include books that are written by diverse authors.

Join the Legislative Committee

We are grateful for your support in this initiative. The Pierce Twins Legislative committee meets to discuss components of the Pierce Twins legislation and would love to have your support behind this important and much needed effort. As a member of the Pierce Twins Legislative Committee, you will be able to discuss and play a role in important components to be included within this legislation. We are thrilled to be able to work with you as we work together to change the world by creating this new law.

The Pierce Twins legislation is a step in assuring Illinois schools have diverse reading materials from authors of various backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Diverse reading materials provide a sense of self value, helps to generate more interest in reading and encourage children of all backgrounds to be tolerant and inclusive of others. This committee works to promote literacy, social equity & diversity in school literature curriculums and libraries.

Be Positive

Spread Love

Change the World