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The twins, known as the Pierce Twins, recently discovered a book on their Catholic Summer School Assigned Reading List was a book previously Called “Ten Little N…….” The school, St. Dominic School, located in Chicago’s suburb of Bolingbrook, assigned the book “And Then There Were None, ” By Agatha Christie to its middle school 8th-grade kids over a month ago. A set of twins, who are the only African American students in the entire middle school, noticed upon researching the assignment, the original book title was “Ten Little N…….” Disgusted and insulted, the twins’ parents immediately reached out to the school principal for clarity. The assignment was for the students to create a video or book report of the assigned book. The principal notified other parents of the school and removed the book over a MONTH later after being made aware from the twin students. The principal never removed the book from the list until the media reported the story. Listen to the twins discuss how they turned a negative experience into a powerful and positive one.